Bombshell Guest- June

8:35 PM PST, 12/21/2008

Each week for your enjoyment we will present a different "Blonde Bombshell" from the 50's or 60's.

Both for your viewing enjoyment and for purchase. This week, our BOMBSHELL GUEST is ...


June Wilkinson


June "The Bosom" Wilkinson

That phenomenal physique of a body- with a chest to match Brit- from across the pond in England. She was nicknamed "The Bosom" by the British Press in the early 1950's for obvious reasons. Her many appearances in the British Dailys were legendary. Hugh Hefner also had her on one of his Playboy TV Shows in the early 60's balancing a cocktail on that magnificent chest. She went on to make a few cult movies and was still making personal appearances at signing shows in the 1990's. 

    So, here she is for your viewing and purchasing pleasure. She's our featured attraction in my store this week, so go get an eyeful !


Enjoy and Let Us Know What You Think !

Heavenly Hollywood


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